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Less paperwork

More caring for the senior 

Jubo betters healthcare communication between the senior, the caregivers and the family

Deliver an Exceptional Care Service Experience

Jubo is a digital healthcare solution that centers on collecting, analyzing and reporting the senior's healthcare data. Learn how Jubo helps care facilities track daily care routines and establish a positive feedback loop with the family.

In 2019, Smart Ageing Tech has won three national awards including Health Inno-Award of Taiwan Healthcare, Taiwan Small Medium Enterprise Innovation Award, and Best Healthcare Software.

Apply Jubo in Different Care Scenarios

Care Facility

We know day-to-day care routines are always on the go, and the care professionals can be overwhelmed by lots of information and to-dos. Learn how Jubo changers healthcare data management. 

Home Care

We provide comprehensible care instructions and care reports to families who need to orchestrate care schedules and coordinate with the caregivers. 


Are you frustrated from not being able to get the care information of your loved ones? It can now be changed through Jubo Chatbot.

Our Technology


Vital signs, blood sugar and all the relevant data are uploaded automatically


Data are encrypted and backuped in transit on Google Cloud Platform

Healthcare Notification

Critical vital sign alerts can be easily sent to caregivers via mobile app

​​Mobile First

Take the care records whenever, wherever you want

Intelligent Health Record

With smart nursing notes, the documentation are made easy

Healthcare Analysis

Healthcare trends and potential drug interactions are analyzed and notified

What People Say

Facility Owner

Using the step-by-step tutorial, Jubo is super easy for our caregivers to follow. Within only three days, our facility completely transferred from manual to a digital procedure.

Care Manager

Jubo team is more than a tech company. They have strong domain knowledge in nursing and long-term care. This makes their solutions fit our needs very well.


From the auto-generated documents in the Line chatbot, I can see the major issues in the previous shift.

We won't lose the details between shifts anymore!

We are the team that connects people.

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