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Connect Data. Connect People.

Who We Are

Smart Ageing Tech is focused on developing healthcare technology that applies in various long-term care scenarios. Considering family-oriented culture in Asia, we create Jubo healthcare platform that connects the care professionals, the senior and the family. Smart Ageing Tech had the incubator funding from Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), and within two years, obtained investment funding from Darwin Venture Management and National Development Fund. Our core value lies on 'Connect Data. Connect People.' We believe care communication can be facilitated by the use of technology, and a warm and inviting care environment can be created.

Smart Ageing Tech emphasizes on:

  • User Experience Design

Going through from defining problems, developing prototypes, and to usability testing, we cooperate with domain experts and users to assure system usability.

  • Customer Success

Aiming to help our customers more successful in the care service they provide, we harness the power of digital technology to enhance their operations management.​

  • Data Science

From data collection, data storage, to data-based decision support, we make facility managers aware of the current operational status and the direction of improvement.


  • Academic Bonds

We embrace science, academic ethics and are open to possibilities for international cooperation.


Dr. Jessy Kang

Co-Founder, Jubo.Health

Dating back to 2008, when Dr. Jessy Kang led students in National Taiwan University to carry out a design project associate with Shuang-Lien Elderly Center, he found that most students were not yet aware of  the impact of aging society. Therefore, Kang established Smart Aging Alliance in NTU, and coordinated teachers from other universities to cohost Smart Aging Design course, cultivating students' ability to think cross-disciplinarily and to solve problems regrading to aging issues. In 2018, based on past research experience on aging, Kang built the startup - Smart Ageing Tech, which is staffed with engineers, ux designers, data scientists, customer success managers, as well as consultants from nursing and social-work backgrounds, altogether working on providing a better care environment for the senior .


Peishang Yang

Professor, Department of Social Work, National Taiwan University

Peihung Liao

Assistant professor, School of Nursing, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences

Adrian Chuang

CEO, C2 Digital Inc. 

Calvin Lai


VC & Partnership Companies

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