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Talent Recruitment

Smart Ageing Tech is a cross-functional team, where engineers, UX designers, data scientists, and customer success managers work together to develop care technology for different care scenarios. We are passionate about long-term/senior care, and right now we are hiring web developers, user experience designers, and customer success managers. Please send CV and resume to hire@jubo.health。In 

  • MacBook Pro & 27' screen

  • electric height adjustable workbench

  • annual leave of 15 days

  • flexible working hours

  • all-you-can-eat snacks and drinks

Data science
Customer success

Web Developer


Job description

  1. develop web-based application

  2. develop front-/back-end system

  3. cooperate with UX/UI and sales team


  1. familiar with JavaScript, React/Redux

  2. familiar with Node/Express, Go or Asp.net core

  3. familiar with MongoDB/Mongoose

  4. familiar with Git

  5. have experience on  AWS or GCP

  6. have working experience on Linux (Ubuntu/CentOS)

  7. have experience on Docker

  8. familiar with Kubernetes

  9. always curious and love to learn new things

  10. can communicate and work with different teams

UX Designer

Job description

  1. design mobile-based home care service

  2. integrating the needs of users and corporate business 

  3. cooperate with engineers, sales and data science teams

  4. carry out UX research in long-term care facilities and households 


  1. familiar with Agile, SCRUM, Sprint design/development process

  2. familiar with Sketch, Axure, Adobe XD

  3. have experience on UX research

  4. have responsive web design experience

  5. able to draft UX writing in Chinese and English

  6. have writing experience on content website such as Medium​

Customer Success Manager 

Job description

  1. carry out system education and training in long-term care facilities

  2. provide customer service and QA online

  3. assist in organizing quarterly seminars

  4. draft proposals and analytics reports



  1. familiar with gerontology, senior care essential knowledge

  2. familiar with organizing seminars or product exhibition

  3. willing to learn the use of nursing information system

  4. have experience on drafting proposals and formal documents

  5. have experience carrying out research projects

  6. have nimble and independent working attitudes

  7. have experience on maintaining Facebook Page and advertisements releasing

  8. ideal, if the candidates have the backgrounds of nursing or social work

  9. ideal, if the candidates hold a valid driving license