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Jubo for Facility Care

You breeze in Jubo smart nursing station, with all the data displayed neatly on smart NIS. Just one-click, the report is ready to be handed over to people concerned.

Smart NIS
Smart Mgmt
Bluetooth Printer
IoT Trolley


The caregivers are ready to measure vital signs of all the senior, but this time, without paper and pen.

Jubo IoT Trolley

The fastest, most secure, and accurate way to keep track of all measurements.
Auto upload vital sign
Real-time notification
Seamless connection with care records

What's included:

  • Blood pressure monitor

  • Oximeter

  • Glucose monitor

  • Thermometer

*Patent approved


The nurses check the abnormal vital signs and overall healthcare data, giving recheck order remotely.

Jubo Smart NIS

(Nursing Information System)

The less time you spend on taking notes, the more care quality you deliver to the senior 

Features include:

  • 80+ FOCUS diagnosis in longterm care

  • 1600+ D-A-R-T care texts


Nursing decision support: 

  • Care planning

  • Medication planning

  • Auto drug interaction checker

  • Care evaluation


The nurses go through the major events happening in the facility via smart management on the mobile app. The manager also provide guidance and suggestion to some cases.

Jubo Smart Management

A more efficient way to manage and improve communication between care professionals.
  • Resident administration

  • Real-time emergency notification

  • Auto-documentation between shifts

  • Care planning reminder

  • Personnel management


The manager is made aware of the similar cases reported in the past month, and checks the trend to double check severity of the problem at hand.


(Decision Information Support System)

Support the decision-making with data. Reduce the inefficiency and create the value. 
  • Care quality indicator

  • Operation dashboard

  • Healthcare dashboard

  • System record analysis

  • Occupation forecast

Jubo Family Chatbot

The family learn the care situation of their loved one through the family chatbot, and they can also arrange the visiting or receive the medical check updates more conveniently.  

Jubo​ Care Pro Consulting

Based on healthcare data and user behavior analysis, Jubo provides, together with professional care consultants, an evidence-based management for facility managers to optimize care service in the facility.

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