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Jubo for Family

Keep the families informed about the wellness and activities of the elderly through social media.

Chatbot promotes the communications between elderly, caregivers and families.

Instant Communication, Instant Care

Most caregivers and nurses in the care facility have to carry out tedious paperwork after providing their care service. This can take a lot of their valuable time, at the cost of heeding the residents’ needs, which results in unhappy customers and this may hurt the reputation of the facility.

With Jubo family chatbot, the family can learn better the care service you provide, building more trust and less hostile to your facility.

Healthcare Summary

The family learn the care situation of their loved one through the family chatbot and receive the medical check updates more conveniently.  

Activity Schedule

The family can check the senior's schedule to arrange visits easily. They can also see their doctor visit appointments and their life from activity photos.

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